Beechworth & District Community Bank®

The Beechworth Community

The Beechworth & District Community Bank® is operated by the Indigo Community Development Group Limited. We opened our doors for business on 9th September 2011 with the goal of providing long term financial support to our local and regional community groups and infrastructure.


We operate via a franchise agreement with the Bendigo Bank and our local company has in excess of 320 shareholders. The success of our branch is a credit to both our dedicated staff, community focused shareholders and account holders

We are open weekdays, Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5pm and Saturday mornings from 10am - 12 noon.

Our Address: 78 Ford Street, Beechworth, Victoria 3747

Tel: 0357 283122


Below are some of the community contributions and initiatives we have been involved in since we opened. If you would like to see greater levels of monies available for our local community groups, make speaking to one our staff a priority.

Beechworth Primary School

Beechworth Montessori School

St Josephs Beechworth Primary School

Beechworth Secondary College

Wooragee Primary School

Stanley Primary School

Beechworth Childcare Centre

Beechworth Golf Club

Beechworth Golden Horseshoes Festival

Beechworth Fun Run

Beechworth Celtic Festival

Wooragee CFA

Beechworth Football & Netball Club

Beechworth Bell Ringers